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Blood tests

We conduct your blood tests with utmost gentleness.

Our nurses perform your blood samples within a few minutes in the comfort of our clinics. Your samples are promptly sent to laboratories for analysis.


Cost : 30$

Urinary test: included in the cost of the sampling

Fit Test : additional $10

Please note that a prescription from a doctor or pharmacist is required to make an appointment for this service.

Yes! Simply book an appointment online so we can offer you an appointment slot that works for you.

Blood samples must be taken in the morning in order to comply with the requirements of the analysis laboratories.

Every morning, we have to send the samples to the public laboratories so that they can be analyzed there quickly and so that you can obtain your results.


The results of the blood tests are sent directly to the professional who ordered them.

Some results may be received within 24 hours, while others may take a few days.

Please note that during holidays, holidays, or statutory holidays, these deadlines may change.


We can perform most blood samples.

On the other hand, some indications must be sampled only in a hospital environment, because of their short stabilization time.

If you have any doubts, contact us directly and we can check with you if we can perform all the samples prescribed for you.

These days, most blood samples can be taken on a non-fasting basis.

Normally, your doctor will write on your prescription if you need to be.

If you are unsure, our professionals will be happy to help you.

Contact us by phone or come and see us directly so that we can answer all your questions.

You can also send us a copy of your prescription so that we can check on our side whether your sample must be taken on an empty stomach.

When you come to your appointment you will need:

- Your original prescription

- Your health insurance card

- A way topay

You can take these samples from the comfort of your home.

When making your appointment, if you need equipment for a urine test or a fit test, come and ask a member of our team for the necessary equipment.

We will take the time to tell you how to take the sample at home, and then bring it to the clinic at the scheduled time of your appointment.

N.B. It is important to respect the recommendations of our professionals when carrying out these tests at home. A test that was not performed correctly will not be analyzed, and you will have to start over.

We offer the collection service by appointment so that you do not have to wait and that you benefit from a fast and personalized service.

Sending us a copy of your prescription in advance allows us to prepare your complete file, as well as the equipment necessary to take the samples.

We must also verify whether we are able to take samples for all the analyzes required by your doctor.

If a specific analysis must be carried out in a hospital environment, we will contact you to inform you.

Some blood tests need to be done without you having taken your thyroid medication first.

Do not hesitate to validate with our team if you have any doubts. Join us by phone or directly on site so that we can answer all your questions.

Only doctors and pharmacists* can order blood tests.

It is not legal for the professionals taking the samples to request additional tests. If the tests were not prescribed by an authorized professional, they will not be analyzed in the laboratory.

* Pharmacists can order blood tests for specific conditions. Ask Top Santé pharmacists for more details.

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Do you have any questions?

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