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Other Medical Services

Fast and Affordable Access to Medical Services

Services tailored to your needs.

The ABPM - Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

We conduct the installation of the device at the clinic, as well as its removal 24 hours later.

Cost: $30

Ear Cleaning

Using specialized equipment, our professionals can safely remove excess earwax from the ear canal. This process is painless and involves checking both ears.

Cost: $45

Please note that more than one session may be necessary to achieve the desired result.

Suture Removal

The removal of sutures must be done at a specific time depending on the type of medical procedure you received.

Our specialized nurses will examine the wound, assess the healing progress, and remove the sutures at the appropriate time based on your needs.

Cost: $30

Wound Care

To promote the quick and safe healing of a wound, wound care and dressing changes should be performed by a nurse with the appropriate training.

In our clinic, we can assess and clean the wound, change the dressings, and provide you with the necessary guidance for a confident recovery.

Cost: $30

Streptococcus A Screening - Streptest

A rapid screening can be conducted directly at our clinic.

Based on the result obtained, the laboratory team will prepare the antibiotic prescription that suits your needs. Some exceptions may apply.

Cost: $15

Rapid COVID-19 Testing

Our facilities conduct COVID-19 testing for travelers.

While less frequently required than during the Covid-19 pandemic, some tests might be necessary for specific situations.

Cost: $45


Frequently Asked Questions

Ear irrigation is performed gently by our qualified teams.

If your ear irrigation appointment is aimed at removing a earwax blockage, please contact us a few days before your appointment so we can advise you on how to prepare properly. It might be recommended to apply an over-the-counter product in your ear to soften the wax, with the goal of gently removing it during the ear irrigation process.

The Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (ABPM) is a small device that will measure your blood pressure continuously for a continuous 24-hour period.

This monitor will be worn on your body throughout the duration, and it will take measurements at precise intervals.

During your appointment, our team will install the monitor and start the measurement process.

The following day, we will remove the monitor and download the recorded data, which will then be sent directly to your health professional. 

The rapid COVID-19 screening test is an antigen test.

A nasal sample needs to be collected, and then it is analyzed directly on-site.

The results will be available after about twenty minutes, and our professionals will provide you with an official certificate containing the test result.

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