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It's normal to have questions

You can obtain medications from another pharmacy at any time. However, it's very important to inform the pharmacist about all the medications you're taking. To ensure better pharmacological analysis and avoid the risks of interactions, we recommend consolidating all your medications in a single pharmacy.

It's very simple and quick. Just click on 'Become a Client' and follow the steps. Someone from our team will then contact you to finalize the registration and transfer your file.

You can also contact us at any time and make the request directly.

You can pay your bill with a credit card, make an online payment through your banking app, or set up automatic withdrawal from your account at the end of the month. In all cases, you will receive a detailed invoice for your orders.

Yes, we send you a secure email when your order is ready.

You can reply to this email if you want to make changes to your order.

An assessment needs to be made by our pharmacists before each renewal to advise you on the quantities that we can dispense to you.

Yes, at any time, you are free to choose your pharmacist and transfer your file to the pharmacy of your choice.